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Eas an Fhir Mhoir, Glen Etive, Argyll & Bute

Location/Access: Roadside Parking, steep downhill path to waterfall.

Grid Ref: NN 173 511

Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer Map Sheet 384

Source: River Etive

Height: Approximately 20 feet


Glen Etive is a beautiful glen. The glen is named after the river that flows through around 15 miles towards Loch Etive. Over it's course the river passes over some rugged landscape which generate a number of stunning waterfalls. One of these is Eas an Fhir Mhoir, a waterfall where the Etive passes over granite rocks. The lovely reds of the rock really enhance the colour of the water. Getting to the waterfall requires a tricky downhill climb and you will undoubtedly hear the waterfall well before you can see it.