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Inchree Falls, Inchree, Highlands

Location/Access: Glenrigh Forestry Commission car park at Inchree. Official walk and viewpoints provided.

Grid Ref: NN 031 628

Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer Map Sheet 384

Source: Abhainn Righ

Height: Approximately 80 feet over 8 steps


Inchree Falls are an impressive sight. Abhainn Righ drops over 80 feet over a series of 8 steps as it passes through the Glenrigh Forest and towards its destination at Loch Linnhe. The fall can be difficult to see as it is surrounded by dense woodland, usually only the upper falls are visible. The waterfall is popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts and it is likely that you will see either canoeists or canyoning plunging down the levels.